Party Wall Matters / Party Wall Surveyors Slough

Party Wall Matters / Party Wall Surveyors Slough

Party Wall Services provide expert party wall advice for all party wall matters. Our party wall surveyors in Slough have excellent and extensive experience and expertise in a diverse range of party wall issues which can arise. We are also able to help you in connection with a diverse range of projects, from domestic extensions, to large commercial developments.

  • We can help you identify exactly which neighbouring properties fall within the scope of the Party Wall etc. Act.
  • You can instruct us to serve party wall notices.
  • We can prepare and agree a party wall award, (sometimes also referred to as a party wall agreement).
  • We can produce a schedule of the condition of the neighbouring properties, to ensure that you are not held responsible for any pre-existing defects which can otherwise become expensive.
  • We can advise you of your rights under the Party Wall etc Act.
  • Ensure all controls are in place to minimise the risk of damage to your property.
  • Monitor the building works and identify any damage to your property.
  • Note, under the Act, the developer is required to pay our fees on your behalf.

If you have a requirement for Party Wall Act Advice, from our extensive experience we are able to offer the following services:

If you are the building owner and are carrying out building works

If you are an adjoining owner and your neighbour is carrying out building works

We undertake every project working hard to the highest standards and you can be rest assured of the best party wall advice from a UK firm of leading party wall surveyors. This is a specialist area of experience for Modric Surveyors.

No matter what type of survey you require, we are well equipped to service clients in the Slough area with offices in Beaconsfield, Ealing, Knightsbridge, Ruislip, Westminister and Windsor.