Watch out agents! David Brent is (apparently) going to open an estate agency


Be afraid.

Be very, very afraid.

On the other hand be prepared to laugh.

David Brent - he of The Office - is apparently going to open an estate agency and give you all a run for your money.

And that includes you, Purplebricks and Savills.


He's on a com-mission to earn 2.5%. Simple. Especially with the inspired help of his negotiator Gareth.

Brent Estates will have no truck with proptech, instead relying on its rusty - sorry, trusty - fax machine. The phones will ring off the hook, yeah? And Brent is taking advice from a mate who once ran an estate agency in the nineties. Fact.

Needless to say, he is ignoring the advice of Lock Consultancy, run by former agent Graham Lock, co-founder of House Network.

Lock used a David Brent look-alike for the video: "I just thought he'd make a brilliant estate agent!

"There is actually a serious message planted in there that agents who stick to their nineties way of doing things may eventually come unstuck and those who think it's easy to start an agency with no experience are highly likely to fail if they don't take some advice."

The only thing Brent doesn't do on this video is dance. Or, come to think of it, sell a house.

But maybe next time . . .

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